ARPE Conference.

The conference for Radiology Physician Extenders

01-03 October 2021

The Conference

3 Days of 25 A+ CE hours
01 October 2021
07:30 am

Covid, cabin fever and snowmageddon have you ready to scream?


Well, join us at the 13th annual ARPE conference in the home of the sunshine state Orlando, FL!

You will be staying at the Beautiful Orlando World Center Marriott.  The resort boasts 3 swimming pools with water slides, a championship golf course, spa and much much more. You will be only minutes from Disney world and universal studios.

And don’t forget, all the Credits we can squeeze into 3 days to help you fulfill your CE needs. On top of all the credits we will be providing, breakfast all 3 days, one afternoon lunch, and a Friday night social where there will be plenty of time to catch up with old classmates, colleagues and make new friends. Also new to this year will be a sit down dinner and talk on Friday prior to the social. You HAVE to RSVP for this event or you cannot attend. *

The rooms are lavish, the pools are cool and the event is spectacular. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Please note, we changed to a Friday, Saturday and Sunday conference schedule with ACLS at the end on Sunday.

*social events are subject to change without notice.

About ARPE

What is the ARPE?

The Academy for Radiology Physician Extenders is a professional organization created for the sole purpose of providing high quality, affordable continuing education for Radiology Physician Extenders such as the RPA (Radiology Practitioner Assistant) and RA (Radiologist Assistant). The ARPE is a non-profit, non-political organization.  This website was created to be a resource for all Extenders.  As the organization grows, you will find many additions to our educational opportunities.










President's note

I would like to extend a warm greeting from the sunny city of Orlando to all our Clinical associates, Radiologic Technologists, Nurses and Administrators. We hope that you can use this opportunity in Orlando to fulfill your CE requirements as well as a well-deserved vacation. With the continued issues with the COVID pandemic I would like to completely thank you for your support and your safe wellbeing. This year will continue to be slightly different than any other as we try to provide a live conference as well as staying as safe as possible. We will require that everyone try to wear your mask as well as keeping social distancing. The hotel will follow all guidelines set forth and we will also.

It takes conscientious people to be devoted to their continuing education and increasing knowledge. We understand that with the high demand from accrediting agencies and medical community for all of us to show stronger expertise and dedicated continuing education credits it has become increasingly difficult.

This annual symposium was designed to bring education, discussions, peer networking and a little rest and relaxation to the radiology family. The ARPE symposium committee has been working tirelessly to bring you this amazing group of speakers and vendors. The committee works behind the scenes to bring our generous vendor sponsorships, world-class faculty, and a great venue together for our attendees. We are extremely happy to bring the 13th annual symposium back to Orlando. We continue to have world class speakers from all over asking to speak at our symposium. This is a huge accomplishment and says a lot about our attendees and board members.

The ARPE also prides itself on having some of our peers’ present lectures, which relate to our daily practice. With so many of us working in different environments, it is great to hear how each of us are practicing and what each of us are doing on daily basis.

Next year if you have a great practice tip or cases you want to share, feel free to contact us for an opportunity to present to your peers. We are striving to be an academic organization that gives an opportunity to all radiology and medical personnel to share experiences and network.

It is our hope that you will take advantage of everything this year's venue has to offer, including the daily breakfast, a grand Luncheon and amazing networking. We will have a great evening CME event hosted by the CBRPA as well as a social to follow. Look forward to networking and seeing my amazing friends and meeting new ones.


Thank you again for your continued support and please feel free to let us know what you would like to see in future symposia. This symposium is for you and any input is taken seriously.


Sincerely and with great appreciation,

Sean Wiley

Sean Wiley, RRA/RPA, RT (R)(CV)(VI)

President of the ARPE



Meet our Team


Sean Wiley, RPA/RRA


Melissa Cano, RPA/RRA

Chairman of the board/Executor

Bhawna Oberoi, RPA

Vice President

Danielle Martin, RPA/RRA


Rosevelt Nheik, RPA/RRA

Advisor to the board

Brett Hazuka

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